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Jenny at Joyful is FANTASTIC, very highly recommended!

Posted By : Joyful

– Joyful is a small travel agency specializing in Vietnam travel. Jenny is extremely hands-on and is dedicated to making your trip a success! I very highly recommend booking through Joyful!

– I had a very specific itinerary in mind for our 11 day family trip to Vietnam. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, where I did NOT want to go, restaurants to eat at, hotels to stay, shows to see, etc. I sent this itinerary to quite a few travel agents, many outright refused if I didn’t use their “partner” hotels and restaurants. Joyful was one of the few who responded well to my detailed plans and was extremely responsive as I made adjustments leading up to the trip itself. Although I’m quite sure she can put together an entire itinerary for you, the fact that she is so flexible is a testament to her commitment to servicing her customers.

-Then tragedy happened. I was pickpocketed on the flight between Hanoi and Phu Quoc, losing my daughter’s and my mother-in-law’s passports! Jenny quickly sprung into action contacting the airline and both airports. By the next day she had located my daughter’s passport and had it flown to Phu Quoc for us to pick up! She also kept in constant touch with us, our local tour guide, the airline, airport security, immigration, local police, and our embassy to guide us through the process of getting a temporary passport. No easy task but Jenny was on it!

-In summary, I highly recommend Jenny at Joyful. She did everything I asked and a whole lot more at a highly competitive price. You will not be disappointed.


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